A Poem for Pancreatic Cancer


A Poem for Pancreatic Cancer

by Wendy Schroeter

It’s October, Fall is here

Or at least it’s that time of year

Everyone’s busy, running around

Not a bit of spare time to be found.

But I ask you please

To take just a minute

To click on my link

And see what’s within it.

You see, year after year

I will persevere

To help raise awareness

of this thing that I fear.

Pancreatic Cancer

Is a terrifying foe

That took our dear dad

Too soon, 13 years ago.

It spares no one

Young or old

Male or female

Yes. It is that bold.

Husbands, wives

Daughters, sons

A father like ours

One of the unlucky ones.

On October 26th

We will once again be

Team Stan the Man

And walk in his memory.

So please take a moment

Join our team or donate

And let’s fight this disease

That one day… we will eradicate.


Be a Superhero this Halloween!

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Your Fundraising Dollars at Work

Dear Participants,

I want to share with you how big of an impact your fundraising will have on the lives of people affected by pancreatic cancer. The money you raise goes toward investments into new research, continued development of treatment options and increased patient care.

The Hirshberg Foundation is committed to turning your fundraising dollars into real results. To date, the Foundation has:

  • Invested $5 million in seed grants for novel research ideas
  • Funded Seed Grant Award Recipients who have received $60 million dollars in government funding
  • Raised more than $14 million for pancreatic cancer research
  • Granted over $1 million in financial aid for patients and provided assistance to thousands of patients and their families

We are nowhere close to being done! We are in the midst of our next funding cycle for new seed grants and expect to receive a record 50 applications. We must fund the top 10 scored projects in order to advance science. With $50,000 needed for each grant awarded, we need $500,000 to succeed our goal.

This is where your fundraising efforts through the LACC will make a significant difference. Log in to your fundraising headquarters today.

Thank you for joining our relentless and passionate pursuit to end this disease.


Agi Hirshberg
Agi Hirshberg, Founder

Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research


Why We Fisch: Team Go Fisch

Team Go Fisch

photo 1[1]

Team Go Fisch was assembled by pancreatic cancer patient Leslie Fischer. Leslie was diagnosed at age 42 with stage 4 cancer in July 2013 and has been in treatment ever since.

photo 5

Leslie intends to beat the odds and live a long life with this “chronic condition.” She is doing and feeling well – working, exercising, traveling, being a mom and wife. Leslie is participating in the Cancer Challenge to share with the pancreatic cancer community that you can live with this disease, have a positive attitude and enjoy a good quality of life. She hopes to inspire more patients and survivors to participate in efforts to fund research for new treatment options and cures.

photo 2[1]


Why We Run: Maggie’s 1st 5K

The Skinner Family at the 2013 LA Cancer Challenge

The Skinner family at the 2013 LA Cancer Challenge

The LA Cancer Challenge has been a part of my family’s lives for the last 11 years.  When our friend Mark was diagnosed in 2002 we raced in support.  Since he succumbed to the disease, we’ve raced to remember.  The race had become a proud yearly tradition. Slowly, we’ve become more involved and have gotten to know so many people in the Hirshberg organization.  The 2013 event will forever hold a special place in my heart. The day after the 2012 LA Cancer Challenge my daughter Maggie decided to get into the race that she had watched from the sideline for the first 7 years of her life.

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