Cancer Changes Everything

Rayva and AgiCancer Changes Everything
By Rayva L.G. Harrell

In this month and season that the world sets aside for Thanksgiving, I am gently reminded each day of the many things God has given me to be thankful for. Of course this includes my family, friends, and dream team of angels. But most of the ordinary things we forget or assume to be a normal way of life – springing out of bed without nausea, a simple trip to the grocery store without a mask, energy that lasts throughout the day without a nap(s) or the simple refreshing taste of water that now assumes the metallic chemical taste of the poison that could provide life. Cancer changes everything!!!

I was given a book very shortly after my stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis (with metastasis to my liver). It is called What Cancer Cannot Do – Stories of Hope and Encouragement. The book sat for days, weeks, even after I had begun my first chemo treatment.  My admittance and acceptance had not sunk in yet. Was this book for ME? However one morning when I was in a very dark place I reached for the book of simple stories, scriptures of peace laced with information to encourage, many from survivors. It soothed my soul and has often been what I need in the wee hours between the moon of night and sunrise of another day.

Cancer has become my wake up call. I believe that God must have given me all of this because he knew I could handle it (Oh yes, in May I also suffered a stroke). In the 8 short weeks since I began chemo treatment, amongst anger, sadness, disbelief, and emotions that flip like a switch, I have discovered a new found relationship of thanksgiving for the awareness of life and living.

On October 25th when picking up my LA Cancer Challenge bib number for the walk the next day, I met Allison Miller, a warm and friendly woman who then introduced me to Ms. Agi Hirshberg who greeted me with a loving embrace that will never be forgotten. My acquaintance to this disease is new and unfamiliar still but my initiation to the Hirshberg Foundation feels like home. The work that the Foundation continues doing year after year, season after season is true through the efforts of research and endless hours of dedication, education, and determination of finding a cure for this beast. If it’s truly the work that God has called us to do, then he will help us do it, and we will find goodness and fulfillment in it.
Rayva, Kei, Kayl and Kol

As the year closes out and a new one of hope begins, let us all remember to be thankful the entire year round.  All are not called for the same purpose, and all will fight and not win the battle. However “there is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great and no tonic so powerful, as expectation of something better tomorrow.


This Weekend’s LA Cancer Challenge!

Dear Participants,

Let the count-down begin! Get your Halloween costume ready! The LACC is this Sunday!


Event Schedule Download Course Map
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Optional packet pick up is available on Saturday, October 25th from noon until 4 pm on the VA grounds. You can to pick up your running bib, chip, shirt and gift bag on Saturday to save time on event morning.

Find your Bib Number
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While online registration closes Friday night, tell your friends they can still register on Saturday and Sunday in person. They’ll save $5 if they register online by Friday though!

Remember: It’s not too late to fundraise. Help us raise much needed funds for pancreatic cancer research. Everyone who raises $250 or more earns awesome Nike & Adidas prizes!

If for any reason, you have questions before the big day you can reach us through Friday at 310-473-5121. Otherwise, we’ll see you this weekend at the LA Cancer Challenge!

Can’t wait!


A Poem for Pancreatic Cancer


A Poem for Pancreatic Cancer

by Wendy Schroeter

It’s October, Fall is here

Or at least it’s that time of year

Everyone’s busy, running around

Not a bit of spare time to be found.

But I ask you please

To take just a minute

To click on my link

And see what’s within it.

You see, year after year

I will persevere

To help raise awareness

of this thing that I fear.

Pancreatic Cancer

Is a terrifying foe

That took our dear dad

Too soon, 13 years ago.

It spares no one

Young or old

Male or female

Yes. It is that bold.

Husbands, wives

Daughters, sons

A father like ours

One of the unlucky ones.

On October 26th

We will once again be

Team Stan the Man

And walk in his memory.

So please take a moment

Join our team or donate

And let’s fight this disease

That one day… we will eradicate.


Be a Superhero this Halloween!

Be a Hero!


Your Fundraising Dollars at Work

Dear Participants,

I want to share with you how big of an impact your fundraising will have on the lives of people affected by pancreatic cancer. The money you raise goes toward investments into new research, continued development of treatment options and increased patient care.

The Hirshberg Foundation is committed to turning your fundraising dollars into real results. To date, the Foundation has:

  • Invested $5 million in seed grants for novel research ideas
  • Funded Seed Grant Award Recipients who have received $60 million dollars in government funding
  • Raised more than $14 million for pancreatic cancer research
  • Granted over $1 million in financial aid for patients and provided assistance to thousands of patients and their families

We are nowhere close to being done! We are in the midst of our next funding cycle for new seed grants and expect to receive a record 50 applications. We must fund the top 10 scored projects in order to advance science. With $50,000 needed for each grant awarded, we need $500,000 to succeed our goal.

This is where your fundraising efforts through the LACC will make a significant difference. Log in to your fundraising headquarters today.

Thank you for joining our relentless and passionate pursuit to end this disease.


Agi Hirshberg
Agi Hirshberg, Founder

Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research