A Poem for Pancreatic Cancer


A Poem for Pancreatic Cancer

by Wendy Schroeter

It’s October, Fall is here

Or at least it’s that time of year

Everyone’s busy, running around

Not a bit of spare time to be found.

But I ask you please

To take just a minute

To click on my link

And see what’s within it.

You see, year after year

I will persevere

To help raise awareness

of this thing that I fear.

Pancreatic Cancer

Is a terrifying foe

That took our dear dad

Too soon, 13 years ago.

It spares no one

Young or old

Male or female

Yes. It is that bold.

Husbands, wives

Daughters, sons

A father like ours

One of the unlucky ones.

On October 26th

We will once again be

Team Stan the Man

And walk in his memory.

So please take a moment

Join our team or donate

And let’s fight this disease

That one day… we will eradicate.

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