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Why We March: Martin’s Marchers

Martin’s Marchers   Our family became entangled in the fight against pancreatic cancer last June when Regina Martin received “the diagnosis.” Based on our research, we learned pancreatic cancer is essentially a death sentence. Although Regina had been energetic, vibrant & young at heart, we watched her become fatigued, have trouble breathing, and lose weight. […]

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Team Guayas 2013

Why We Wear Wings: Team Guayas

Team Guayas I am the granddaughter of Holanda Soriano, who is the inspiration and driving force behind Team Guayas. ┬áIn the spring of 2007, Holanda was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was the gentle, soft spoken, loving and spiritual matriarch of our growing family, which at the time consisted of her 9 children, 32 grandchildren, […]

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