LACC Check List for Success!


Add a photo to your Personal & Team Pages

  • Give it a personal touch by adding a photo to your fundraising pages & increase your fundraising potential!


Edit the text on your Personal & Team Page

  • Tell the story of why you are doing the LACC & encourage others to join you


Send emails!

  • We can’t stress how important it is to ask for a donation.  We know it can be tricky to ask people for money but this how we will fund the research to find the cure for pancreatic cancer.



Make a memory square   

  • Decorate a 12×12 inch square of fabric any way you like, no sewing required! Mail your square to our office by October 1 and it will be on display at the event.

Be a part of the Team Tribute video 

  • The Team Tribute video is the heart of the LACC.  Email your jpeg images to by September 30th.

Create Team Spirit    

  • Create a team costume, team t-shirt, team hat, team anything.  Get crafty, color coordinated & get in the LACC spirit.

Get us on your speed-dial     

  • We are here for you. We want to help.  Never, never hesitate to call, email, airmail, voicemail, twitter, facebook, smoke signal us.  Here is all our info:


Phone  (310) 473-5121
Twitter  @LACancerRun  @HirshbergFound  @AgiHirshberg

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