LACC Training Tips #1

This year the LA Cancer Challenge has partnered with Level Sports to provide you with training tips to help you get prepared for the big day. Be sure to stop by their cool-down booth on October 25th for some post-run stretching.

The Fit Tour GroupSo you signed up for the LA Cancer Challenge to help raise money and now you realize you will be running/walking too. Well, you might as well start preparing today! So let’s put together a plan.

1. Begin running. That’s your start. Everyone is on a different level, but lacing up those shoes and moving is the best way to start preparing. If you haven’t trained in a while, start light. We are six weeks out so you have plenty of time to work your way up to running a 5 or 10k. Running 3-4 times per week will do wonders for your stamina and muscle memory. Feel free to reach out to me specifically if you’d want me to put together a personalized plan.

2. Fuel your body. Hydrate, hydrate, and then go drink some more water. It’s so incredibly important to stay hydrated while training in any capacity. Time for some math homework. Take your weight and divide by 2. That is essentially how many ounces you should take in per day. Add in a few cups per day of training as well. You’ll need those to replenish all the fluids lost during training.

3. Take care of your legs. Make sure to stretch both before and after you run. It’s important to warm up the muscles before a pre-run stretch as you don’t want to begin stretching cold muscles. That is when strains or tears can easily occur. Take a light jog or walk for 400m before starting to stretch. In next week’s blog I’ll put together a step by step stretching plan you can follow.

4. Think about why you are doing this. Is it important to run/walk and finish? Are you trying to beat a previous PR (personal record)? Honoring someone who has gone through the struggle or has beaten cancer? Keep this in mind as you move forward to event day. Each day should consist of a small goal.

Stay tuned for future posts on stretching and nutrition tips. Have a great day!

Patrick Curran, Level Sports @LevelSportsApp


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