Matt Skinner’s Fundraising Tips

Matt Skinner with his daughter at the Finish Line

Matt Skinner is a husband, father, son, marathon runner, bow tie fan, & East Coast transplant.

11 years ago he joined friends and family in support of Mark Galton during his battle with pancreatic cancer. Today, he continues to run in Mark’s memory and to support all the other wonderful people he has met through the amazing Hirshberg Foundation.

Matt shares some of his fundraising tips below:

“My focus has always been to get as many new and returning people as possible. Hopefully, the more people who sign up the more money we can get.

Here are my thoughts:

1.     Start early. I find the earlier I start talking to people about the race/cause the bigger the buzz I can create

2.     Cast a wide net. I usually send out a couple mass emails. The worst thing that can happen is someone deletes the message. The best that can happen is you get some surprise participants. I’ve found quite a few random connections this way

3.     Repetition is key. Giving monthly/biweekly updates keeps the event fresh in peoples mind. I try to add stories about my training and general news about the cause

4.     Remember — it’s not about the race. The race is what brings us all together for a fun day, however many people get caught up in the “I could never run a 10k”, “I’m wicked slow, I’d be last”. Try to talk about the wonderful organization, the family fun aspects of the event and other non-running opportunities. We aren’t trying to get race day champs; we’re trying to get lifetime supporters dedicated to working to find a cure. Which happens slowly over time.


 Matt's son Wes has been an avid supporter of pancreatic cancer research from an early age

What are your fundraising tips?  We’d love to hear your thoughts on fundraising.

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