Why We March: Martin’s Marchers

Martin’s Marchers



Our family became entangled in the fight against pancreatic cancer last June when Regina Martin received “the diagnosis.” Based on our research, we learned pancreatic cancer is essentially a death sentence. Although Regina had been energetic, vibrant & young at heart, we watched her become fatigued, have trouble breathing, and lose weight. A few short months later, we were wearing purple at her funeral and the reception hall was a sea of purple. ┬áBut our story does not end there.

A family member ran across the Hirshberg Foundation website. Our family organized a team (Martin’s Marchers) & participated in our first L.A. Cancer Challenge 5K walk. We created t-shirts, wore carnival masks, submitted photos for the Tribute Video, wore Tribute Bibs, and designed a square for the Memory Quilt. Our team representatives attended the Team Captain Kick-Off Party which was a great opportunity to meet the wonderful, caring staff of the Hirshberg Foundation. Regina Martin was taken too soon- as are many others with pancreatic cancer. Our team thanks the Hirshberg Foundation for everything they do in their fight against pancreatic cancer and for giving us the opportunity to honor the memory of our beloved Regina Martin!

~Christel Schoenfelder, 2013 Team Captain

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