Why We Need You to Fundraise


The LA Cancer Challenge is more than just the starting line for Halloween fun. It is our biggest fundraising event of the year. I want to tell you why I need you to keep fundraising. We need to fund exceptional research in order to find a cure.

Here are the details:

In August we received 79 applications from researchers around the globe. Through our Seed Grant Program, we will fund the most promising of these projects. Our past recipients have earned $65 million in NIH funding and have been making great strides towards a cure. We must invest in these proposals to advance scientific understanding and provide treatment options for our pancreatic cancer victims.

Pamela Itkin-AnsariOur Seed Grant Program works. Past recipient Pamela Itkin-Ansari, Ph.D, University of San Diego, sent me the following message earlier this month:

“Agi, the $50,000 Hirshberg seed grant enabled me to pursue reprogramming pancreatic cancer cells. I am excited to share with you that the NIH has just chosen this work for a joint collaboration in drug discovery. NIH is devoting a project team to assist my group in the search for a drug to combat pancreatic cancer. Thanks for your early support — it was instrumental in getting us here.

The time is here and the time is now to keep pushing the momentum. The more we fund, the closer we are to finding a cure! We cannot let this disease prevail. The pressure is on. Help us put an end to pancreatic cancer.

Let’s celebrate our success together on October 25!

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