Why We Participate: Mia’s Angels

Mia’s Angels

Mia's AngelsWhen asked to write this brief explanation as to why I participate in the LA Cancer Challenge I was dumbfounded. Didn’t know what to do or say; except yes, sure I’ll do it. Then memories of my mother, Maria E. Sanchez, flooded my mind and tears instantaneously flooded my eyes falling down my face. My mother fought this battle from 2004-2010, beating pancreatic cancer with the help of Dr. Isacoff. She lived for her family and was ecstatic to have beaten this disease. She would later develop leukemia and succumbed to it on March 8, 2013. I participate in this great event for people like my mother, so that they can have the resources available to them that will ensure a better treatment to a disease that is unforgiving.

Mia's Angels shirt

I participate in the LA Cancer Challenge because I have to give back to an organization that continues to help families and their loved ones deal with this disease. I do my small part to honor my mother by forming a team every year.

~D. Topiltzin Sanchez, 2013 Team Captain

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