Why We Support: The Sandford Family

The Sandford Family

Sandford Family full

The Sandford Family – four generations of women (3 to 86 years) plus one man – were joined by assorted husbands, significant others and family friends to run and walk the LA Cancer Challenge in memory of my husband Jules. All of us loved the experience! We met our goal of 20 team members and more than doubled our financial goal to raise $5,000 for developing a cure for pancreatic cure. Our wonderfully supportive friends and relatives and Jules’ partners, staff and clients demonstrated their memory of Jules, their support of the Sandford Family and their concern for ending pancreatic cancer. As the matriarch and Team Captain for the Sandford Family Team, I am grateful to all who participated and to the Hirshberg Foundation for providing the opportunity and for furthering the cause we all share.

I’d also like to share with the readers of this newsletter a few quotes I’ve received from our supporters. “We need to put a stop to all cancer but pancreatic is the worst”; “You are making a great contribution. Jules would be proud”; “This is fantastic!”;”I’m excited to be a part of it”; “While we can’t bring Jules back, one of the pleasures of my life was to know him”; “We are cheering for the Sandfords’ from China.” Thank you to everyone who supported our team.

Betty & Jules Sandford

Betty & Jules Sandford

~Betty Sandford, 2013 Team Captain

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